Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Creative cute food for kids!!

When it's time to eat what kid wants to stop rolling around their HotWheels, building their Legos and pause drawing on the walls to eat a boring meal? Well, have no fear!! I've discovered the secret of getting your kids to eat! By creating some fun and entertaining meals not only do I have my sons racing to the table but they also don't whine about clearing their plates! Below are some examples of my sons favorite creative fun meals along with the ingredients to make it easier to re-create these little masterpieces.
1.) Wow! Wow! Wuzzby!
Scramble eggs as the body. Ketchup to outline- (its much easier to trace a neat line if you add some ketchup to one side of a zip lock bag, cut out a corner and use it as a piping bag.) Strawberries for lettering. Blueberries as nose and eyes. Yogurts as flower stems and cinnamon jacks as flowers. Instead of strawberries you can write/ draw flowers, whatever you like with yogurt or ketchup.
2.) Shrek, the ogre!
Sandwich as the body, crust of bread as the vest, legs and feet. Grapes as the hands. Half a green apple as the head. Pickles as his ears and his nose. You can substitute the pickles for green grapes. For the face I used chocolate melts and piped it out with a homemade piping bag made out of a zip lock baggie.
 3.) The Lion King
Scramble eggs as the head. Ketchup piped out for the mouth. Red apples and waffles as the mane. Blueberries for the eyes and a cherry tomatoes for his nose.
Scramble eggs for his head, ketchup for his mouth, cherry tomatoes for his eyes, bacon and blueberries for his spiky hair and yogurt for lettering.
5.) UP!
Sandwich for the house. Half a slice of bread topped with jelly for the roof. Mustard for lining the door and windows. Yogurt for the balloon strings. Bananas, strawberries and blueberries for the balloons.
 6.) Sid the science Kid!!
Scrambled eggs for Sid's head. Strawberries for his shirt. Yogurt for his hair.  Cherry tomato for his nose. Ketchup for his smile. Apple chunks for his eyes and a little dab of chocolate for his pupils.
 7.) OnE WaCkY LiL GuY!
Sandwich as his body. Carrots as for his hair. Blueberries for his eyes. Mustard for his smile. Cherry tomatoes for his feet and hands. Crackers and cheese for lettering and some cucumber slices on the side.
 8.) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!!
Waffles as Raph's shell, lined with some melted chocolate. Cucumber as his arms (I ran out of green grapes- the grapes would of been better! and more muscle tone!! lol) Half a green apple for his head. Chocolate melt for his smile. I used pepperoni slices for his mask and I had some edible googly eyes. You can also use piped yogurt or jelly for the smile and eyes.
 9.) FOOTBALL!!!
(Obviously, we're 49er's fans! Haha. But, you can switch out the lettering to which ever team you like. We happen to root for NFC's two in a roll CHAMPS! =) Team Kaepernick!)
Scramble eggs shaped into football. Ketchup for lining. Blueberries, raspberries and yogurt for the lettering.
 10. I LOVE YOU!
Scrambled eggs shaped into a heart. Ketchup for lettering. Blueberries and grapes for the sides. Watermelon for the, "I," and, "U."
 11.) Happy lil chick!
Pancakes mixed with green food coloring for the grass and flower stem. For less mess on your plate, and a cleaner look, instead of pouring the syrup onto the pancakes, dip the pancakes into a bowl of warm syrup. Scramble eggs for the chicks body. We have these wheat chips that I cut apart for its feet. Ketchup for his beak. Chocolate melts for his eyes. (The chocolate will melt from the eggs heat -if your kids don't mind then you're good. You can substitute the chocolate with grapes, raspberries, blueberries or blackberries.) Strawberries for the flower.
 12.) I am a ROBOT!
 Sandwich. Bread crust for his ears. Pepperoni for his neck, eyes, mouth and nose. Cheese, turkey or chicken breast for the pupils and some cherry tomatoes on the side.
 13.) The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Dollar sized pancakes for the body. Chocolate melts for his face, you can also use yogurt or jelly. Yogurt for the cloud. Scramble eggs for the sun with ketchup piped for lining.
Thumbs up, approval!!
 14.) Just keep swimming! Fish eat fish world!
 Sandwich. Mustard for creating the gills, eyes and mouth. Goldfish snacks and blueberries as bubbles.
15.) Despicable Me! Minion!
Scrambles eggs for his head, neck and arms. Yogurt for his overalls. Chocolate melts for his gloves, shoes, hair and glasses arms. Ketchup for his smile. For his eyes I took (2) Bite size Nutter Butters and covered the top with white chocolate melt, then outlined the glasses with chocolate melts.
 16.) Tom and Jerry? I was trying to create a bunny but my sons said its Tom and Jerry! Haha.
They obviously LOVED it. =)
Scramble eggs, waffles for heads and ears. Strawberries for whiskers. Raspberries for eyes and blueberries for nose. Ketchup and syrup for lining.
 17.) Turkey snack
Turkey or chicken breast meat for the face and arm. Yogurt for stem, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries as flowers. Strawberries for a smile. Raspberry for a nose. Ketchup for eyes with candy edible eyes. Bananas as hair.
 I practically create fun food for my sons at least once a day so keep looking for my updated blogs! You can also check out one of my older blogs on how to create some fun shaped scramble eggs!